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How do you know if your septic tank is full?

How do you know if your septic tank is full?

So how would you know if you tank is full or requires an empty?

If you use Willpower Environmental for emptying your septic tank then every 50 weeks we routinely call you to remind you that your empty will soon be due. But not every company provides that service. If this isn’t the case then there are distinct signs you could look out for which would suggest an empty is due.

1/ When water is draining away from your showers, baths or sinks and toilets – it may be draining away slower than usual. This is generally because your tank level is high and the capacity is vastly reduced – the water just doesn’t have anywhere to drain and therefore cannot flow away quickly. 

2/ There could be dirty water pooling in the garden/field depending on your tank location. This would usually pool around the top of the tank and possibly at the lid. The pooling will quite often smell rather un-pleasant!

3/ Quite possibly there would be some distinct smells which can appear inside your house or rising from the man holes within your patio or gardens. Generally if these smells appear withing your home it would usually be in the bathrooms or at locations of toilets and sinks/basins. 


Will emptying my septic tank resolve the problem?


Usually if the above issues have arisen recently then an empty will normally resolve the problem. But this isn’t always the case! If the emptying doesn’t resolve the issue then Willpower Environmental can assist to resolve your problems. In this instance we would usually advise a cctv survey to commence the start of identifying the issue. By having a cctvsurvey this usually identifies if there is a blockage within your septic tank or drainage system. A cctv survey will also help identify if there is any problems within your soakaway / drainage field. 

At the same time we would be able to conduct a visual health check on your septic tank which would identify any potential issues within the structure of your tank. 


If you require any further information or advice please call our experienced team on 0330 333 8178