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Septic tank and cesspit emptying

Do you have a septic tank or cesspit? If so, you have a duty to make sure it’s emptied and cleaned regularly by a reputable waste carrier that’s registered with The Environment Agency.

Here at Willpower Environmental we’re trusted by hundreds of commercial and domestic customers across Central England to empty septic tanks and cesspits in the right way.

When should my septic tank or cesspit be emptied?

A septic tank contains your waste long enough for it to separate into the solid matter that we collect, and the wastewater that’s released into a drainage field or soakaway system. Therefore, we recommend you get your septic tank emptied at least once a year.

Cesspits need to be emptied more frequently. This is because unlike a septic tank, they’re simply a sealed container for waste. So, as soon as it’s approaching full, you need to arrange to get it professionally emptied and cleaned.

Our waste management experts are always happy to advise you. Call 0330 333 8178.

What if I’m in a difficult to reach location?

Septic tanks and cesspits are often used by homeowners or businesses in rural locations off the mains sewage network.

No matter where you are. Or how much or how little waste you need us to remove – you can rest assured we’ll get to you.

Our transport fleet is our pride and joy. In addition to the big tankers often needed for our commercial clients – we also have a range of small tankers that can be towed behind our 4x4 vehicles.

This means we can comfortably reach restricted access sites. And what’s more, travel over narrow roads, skinny bridges, and railway tracks with ease.

Can I trust you to do a good job?

Many of our customers tell us that what sets us apart from some of our competitors, is that we do what we say we’ll do. But don’t take our word for it, please ask to speak to any one of our customers.

Whether you need our services as a one-off, or you’d like us to visit you regularly as part of a scheduled arrangement, you can rely on us to professionally empty your septic tank or cesspit and safely take away the contents.

Where will you take my waste?

As a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency, you can trust us to dispose of your waste in the right way and provide you with the relevant waste transfer notes in line with regulatory requirements.

The waste we collect will be delivered to a local sewage treatment works, where it will be responsibly disposed of.

Over the years, we’ve established close relationships with local water companies, who take our wastewater from our tankers to treat and put back into the eco-system.

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