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Grease Traps Emptying

Grease Traps Emptying Services

A grease trap is simply a plumbing device into which waste water containing grease, fat and oils from food flows, before it enters the drainage system. The harmful grease, fat and oils are safely captured while the clear water then flows into the drain.

Strict legislation requires food service operators and commercial kitchens to prevent this kind of waste entering the drainage system and damaging the environment and drain infrastructure. Grease, fat and oils also damage pipework and can be an expensive problem for commercial premises if allowed to build up.

Willpower Environmental provide a regular grease trap management service for restaurants, takeaways, pubs, cafes, bars, hotels, schools and colleges throughout the East Midlands and across the UK.

Our friendly trained operatives can access any site, and we are licensed to remove such food deposits and dispose of them at a local specialist facility. Every load removed is supplied with a ‘Duty of Care – Waste Transfer’ note.

We offer a quality service at a fair price and would be delighted to quote you for our grease trap service today.