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Septic Tank Homebuyers Drainage Survey

At Willpower Environmental we will provide in-depth septic tank surveys as part of a property pre-purchase survey for a new home buyer or seller.

Looking to purchase a property?

If you are looking to purchase a property that relies on a septic tank or sewage treatment plant as the drainage system, it is now advised by a conveyancing solicitor that a septic tank inspection survey is carried out to ensure that everything is in good working prior to a purchase.

Septic tanks to a lot of people are an “unknown” due to them being underground and out of sight. If there is a problem with the system, it is imperative to know about the problems prior to purchase highlighting any issues.

New systems generally start from £10,000, so, obtaining a Septic Tank Homebuyers Drainage Survey could potentially save you hundreds of pounds before you are legally responsible.

Speak to one of our experts today on Call 0330 333 8178.

New regulations introduced in 2020

January 2020 saw new regulations introduced which states that ‘waste cannot flow into a watercourse, ditch, stream or river’.

If this is the case, then a new compliant system would need to be installed to treat waste before it goes into a watercourse. You would only be able to identify this by obtaining a full Septic Tank Homebuyers Drainage Survey.

RICS Homebuyers Report

A septic tank inspection will cover details you won’t find in a standard RICS Homebuyers Report. Willpower carries out septic tank surveys at properties predominantly throughout the Midlands and are unique, making sure that unlike other companies we ask to view the tank at normal working level before being emptied - this is crucial to ensure that the soakaway / drainage field is operating correctly.

At Willpower we have our own fleet of tankers, along with our qualified engineers, enabling us to co-ordinate site inspections/visits. At Willpower we ensure that you are never left waiting for that important detail, and you will have peace of mind moving to your new home.

What do you get from Willpower Environmental?

1. A Written report on condition of the tank.
2. Location of the tank along with an underground pipework drainage plan.
3. CCTV survey and condition of soak-away system assuming the pipework is accessible.
4. Summary of any issues found along with costs to rectify.
5. Guidance on the systems compliance with current binding regulations.
6. Tank emptied on the day of survey 1000 gallons allowance (4500 litres).
7. A Free Tank Health check next time your tank is due for empty.
8. An experienced team to install your new tank or drainage field should this be required.

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