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septic tank repair

Septic tank maintenance

Do you have a septic tank? If so, you have a legal duty to make sure it’s emptied, cleaned, maintained, and serviced – and in some cases upgraded. Otherwise, it could become a public health or environmental risk.

Here at Willpower Environmental, we have years of experience maintaining septic tanks and cesspits. We know how they work, how they need to be looked after, and the problems that can occur when they’re neglected.

What does the law require me to do?

Septic tanks shouldn’t be installed and forgotten. They contain waste that can be harmful to humans and wildlife. That’s why there’s regulation in place to make sure owners empty, clean, and look after them.

From January 2020, the law says that the wastewater from your septic tank must be discharged into a drainage field or soakaway system – not a watercourse. This is to promote good river health and reduce the risk of a pollution that could harm the environment.

If you’re concerned about the compliance status of your waste receptacle or need us to take care of it on a regular or one-off basis – then please get in touch.

What problems might occur with my septic tank?

When septic tanks or any other private wastewater treatment systems are neglected, there can be costly and unpleasant consequences.

When sludge builds up, it can cause blockages meaning the wastewater from your property will fail to discharge properly. This can cause foul smells, attract unwanted rodents, and lead to sewage floods.

Pumps can fail too, which might cause alarms to go off. Electrics can also fail if they become wet due to flooding.

Smells, unusual noises, leakages, slow drainage from plugholes, toilets, and drains – could all point to a problem that needs to be investigated and fixed.

What will your CCTV camera survey show me?

When you suspect there’s a problem, our CCTV camera survey will help us to better understand what’s going on with your private wastewater system. And more importantly, allow us to provide you with the best, long-term solution.

There’s nothing worse than spending money on new kit if the issue comes back again weeks later and you’re back to square one.

The CCTV camera survey will diagnose the root cause of the problem and make sure it’s resolved for good.

Why Willpower Environmental?

We’ve extensive experience of waste collection and disposal in both domestic and commercial settings. This means you can rest assured we know what we’re doing.

At the same time, we’re up to date with what the law requires you to do and are proud to be a registered waste carrier with The Environmental Agency. We’re always investing in new fleet, equipment, and technology to allow us to do an efficient but thorough job.

Most of our work comes through word-of-mouth referrals, and we have a loyal customer base across the Midlands and beyond who will happily vouch for our work.

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