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Yes, you may think that collecting thousands of gallons of sewage from commercial and domestic properties every day isn’t a job most people would aspire to do. 


But the positive feedback we get from customers and knowing we’re protecting the environment by making sure that waste is disposed of correctly – is what drives the team. 


In this blog, we speak to Edd Felix, one of our environmental services specialists. He tells us what a typical day looks like for him and shares his top tips for getting the most out of the firm you use to empty and maintain your septic tank.


We pick up your job details as dawn breaks

The day begins early at Willpower Environmental headquarters in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. There, Add picks up the details of the jobs he’ll have to do that day. 


Edd says: “On an average day, I’ll visit around five properties. They can be either domestic or commercial. 


“As our work spans right across the Midlands, and sometimes beyond, it might be fewer or more jobs than that. It just depends where our customers are on any given day. This afternoon for example, I had two jobs that were 25 miles apart.”


The headquarters has recently been modernised and a nearby industrial unit – of around 10,000 square foot – has also been acquired to accommodate the growth of the business.


We visit a variety of locations, even hard-to-reach ones!

Our team prides itself on being able to reach properties, even if they’re in remote locations where we’re required to cross narrow bridges or fields. 


Edd adds: “Luckily, we have a large fleet with a variety of different vehicles suited to most terrains. From a Ford Ranger pulling a small towable tanker, to a 28-foot-long tanker lorry.


“Our booking team will ask you a few questions about your location and site access before we arrive onsite, so I’d advise customers to share as much information as they can to make sure it’s a seamless visit to your premises.”


Our vehicles need to be parked within 40 metres from your septic tank for our hoses to be able to reach them.


Edd says: “Delays can happen when we visit an industrial site for example, and we can’t get parked near enough to the septic tank because other commercial vehicles are in the way. 

That’s why it’s always worth making sure the site is clear before we arrive to speed things along.”


We safely dispose of your liquid waste

Edd's a regular visitor to Severn Trent’s Claymills Treatment site in Burton-on-Trent. 


Donned in his appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), he’ll access the site via a key fob and dispose of your liquid waste carefully to our colleagues at Severn Trent, who will then make sure it’s treated.


An onsite logging device calculates its volume and strength and then we’re charged accordingly.


Edd adds: “I’ve heard stories of liquid waste removal companies simply dumping their customer’s sewage wherever it’s convenient. This can be very harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. That’s why I’d encourage all customers to ask where their liquid waste is being taken once it’s left their property.”


More services Add and the team offer you

Edd not only tends to septic tanks, but he also supplies portable toilets to customers across the UK. 


Clean, modern, fully equipped, and accessible – our range of top-quality, self-contained toilet units are perfect for every type of event.


Edd also tends to blockages. He explains: “We use CCTV cameras down pipes and drains to understand the root cause of blockages. 

Then we use high-pressure water jets to break down stubborn materials in pipes that are causing the problems.”


A final word from Edd 

“My trade isn’t one that many people consider doing, but it’s an essential job that helps keep people safe and protects the environment too.


“I pride myself on being reliable by keeping my promises to my customers. If your septic tank isn’t working properly, and you’ve got sewage backing up into your property – you want somebody to sort it out – and quickly!


“I also like to do a tidy job. I wouldn’t want sewage on my lawn, or my site, where it could reach people and animals. And I wouldn’t expect my customers to be any different.”


For all your septic tank emptying and maintenance needs, call 0330 333 8178 today.